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Is Turning Up Down The Aisle For You?

"Everybody's hands go up...and they stay there! Now wave them like you just don't care!"

I love an awesome party as much as the next person. The music hits and my rhythmically challenge legs get to tapping out of time, and my hips do this weird circle which leads to other parts of me jerking at all these angles....but I digress.

This post isn't about me but rather how you make your grand entrance with your bridal party-in-waiting. This is a moment which falls in the top six (6) memories of the wedding ceremony, these memories being:

1. The bride's arrival

2. When you say 'I do'

3. When you exchange rings

4. When the officiant says 'I now pronounce you...'

5. Your first kiss as husband and wife

6. When you exit the ceremony

When the bride arrives, all eyes go towards her and it's her moment to shine. In 2017, the trend was to play some catchy and modern wedding songs... ( Marry You by Bruno Mars, Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran, almost any song by John Legend) and then boogie your way, led by you bridesmaids, to your extremely soon to be husband. Or in the reverse, to do it on the way out of the church.

While this does add an element of fun and lightheartedness to your wedding ceremony, which is traditionally the business portion of your wedding, you should really consider if this is right for you and not to do it simply because it's a trend.

First of all, if you don't fully commit to the movements, it will really throw off the visual. Imagine having three people looking like they are auditioning for the next Rihanna music video and your fourth person barely swaying to the beat. Not a good look indeed.

Secondly, can you even dance bruh? It's one thing to melt into a crowd at a club and dance like no one's watching. Quite another thing to do it when trying to get from one end of your aisle to the other, with every single person watching and recording for prosperity. If this doesn't appeal to you in the slightest, you may not want to freestyle your dance down the aisle. You can, however, eradicate some of that fear with having a choreographed piece of dance that makes you look like a gazelle, so having all eyes on you will be a fantastic thing.

There is also the question of- is the personality of you and your hubby to be one that embraces dancing down the aisle? This is to me the most important question, simply because your wedding should be filled of things which represent you as a couple. Having elements which represent you at your wedding serve as a reminder of where you guys have been, the journey taken and a nod towards the future.

If you would rather stage a fight because you both like MMORPG or incorporate animals because you share a love your furry, winged or scaled friends then it's your choice.

Just like dancing down the aisle is your choice.

Whatever your choice, turning up down the aisle, or taking your Naomi Campbell walk, your journey towards saying 'I do' will be a memorable one!

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